Fernando Rocha Joalheiro SA , was born in a beautiful city , Guimarães , the birthplace of Portugal, where the founder has conquered his great inspiration and experience to create prodigious jewellery pieces.

The company is characterized as dynamic, qualified and modern, combining all their know -how, plus the experience of approximately fifty skilled professionals in the production and distribution of jewellery.

Respecting the main values of their genesis, it has searched creativity and innovation in his creations, communication and attitude.

In its chain incorporates at the professional level, besides the production lines of its brands sold to the retail, includes technical assistance and the possibility of large-scale production (white label) to global benchmarks.

Currently the company is emerging as versatile and multidisciplinary and can be seen as a group of brands / companies, ensuring to the retail a wide range of products for different target segments, covering segments like fashion , marriage, child, student and a "bold “ traditional segment.

2017 is synonymous of new Fernando Rocha Joalheiro but always based on the same roots. This year the corporate presents a renewed image, new brands and new product lines, enhanced by new tools of communication and marketing, with the aim of getting closer to its customers and to the final costumer, in order to strengthen its position in the national and international market, creating a own space for an organic growth. This is the reflection created by its founder, and his descendants, in more than 50 years of company history, which shows the path traced so far and the future alignment that is intended for it.

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