Clinica das Jóias

Jewelry Repair and maintenance

Clínica das Jóias (FR-Assistência Lda.) is a brand of the group FR Joalheiro SA, which includes the provision of maintenance and repair of jewelry in precious metals, created to satisfy the needs of our customers. It stands out for its personalized service with rapid assistance with high quality and efficacy in the treatment of pieces. This assistance Brand is totally dedicated to jewelry repair in precious metals and conducts various services: general restoration, decrease / increase of rings / alliances, synthetic stones setting / diamonds, various finishes, polishes, several galvanic baths, general cleaning or general restoration of pieces , advanced laser engraving or diamond, advanced laser welding, among others. We want this way to provide an effective service quality and flexibility, with the notoriety which we already get used in Fernando Rocha Joalheiro SA. In case of doubt and / or for more information contact us through the following email:

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